Space Color



ColorSystem® develops methods and instruments for researching new colors in order to make rational the use, the organization and the communication of colors at a distance. On the market, there are different kind of tools, but almost all realized on paper and so subjected to a color assessment compromised by the support material, on the contrary Colorsystem gives instruments all dyed on fabric. Moreover, all the color spaces have dyeing services connected to palettes in small sizes, when the necessity is to have also sizes on 1-2 meters dyed on specific fabric; Colorsystem does it.



COLORSYSTEM-BOOK is our solution to the problem… It is a completed color chart book with 3000 color references dyed by us on popeline and every year uploaded with new color references.

All the color palettes, included in this big volume, compose a completed catalogue, easy to flip throw and to select.


The book consultation enables the user to purchase dyes on A4, fabrics sizes from 1 to 2 Mt or from 3 to 5 Mt.

ColorSystem®  when requested, dyes also on the client fabric. Every work asked , it is related to a spectrophotometric curve useful for the color reproduction in every national and international dyehouse. So, Colorbook is an essential communication instrument for providing with precision the color references also to other dyehouses and/or printing companies.



This instrument has the same utility of ColorSystem® Book, but for reducing the costs, it is printed on popeline and not dyed; moreover it is completed of 2100 color references.

It also has a range of dyeing services that we can summarize on fabric sizes offered by us or given by the client from 1 to 2 Mt or from 3 to 5 Mt.